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SGFOREST was founded in 1989 in Alfero, a small village located in the municipality of Verghereto (FC); and it is thanks to the surrounding environment and the passion we have for our work that we have specialized in the production of forestry, agricultural and industrial mechanical carpentry equipment.


Our company is known on the market thanks to the sturdiness and great versatility of our items, in fact we only use high quality materials, which together with an accurate degree of finish, helps to create a guaranteed and above all long-lasting product.


Years and years of experience have made SGFOREST a leading manufacturer in the field of Forestry Pliers, having achieved a high level of expertise through the development of innovative and excellent quality products that have made us a point of reference in the sector in which we operate.


The internal construction of all the components and details from which our articles are made, allow us to carry out a very accurate quality control and great flexibility in the delivery of the finished product throughout the production period; fundamental condition that made us competitive on the market.


Quality, price, flexibility, product availability and our staff, are the pillars on which our company trusts to be always ready to help our customers and partners to choose the most suitable product for their needs.


Thanks to these fundamentals, SGFOREST has been able to guarantee constant growth over time which rewards for the efforts made so far and which we intend to continue to do to improve ourselves on a daily basis.

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